Premier League 2023-24 Regular & Champions Kit Sleeve Badges + Special Gold Kit Font Revealed

Update: Manchester City have been crowned Premier League champions. This means that they will wear the new gold 2023-2024 Premier League Champions Badge in the 2023-2024 season.

Premier League 2023 Sleeve Badge
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Thai football store Ari Football has shown off images of how the badge looks on the new Manchester City 23-24 home kit. The gold Premier League 23-24 Champions badge has a metallic effect that let the colors change depending on the angle - from a light gold to a dark metallic gold.

In addition, Manchester City have released a special EPL Champions version of their 2023-2024 home shirt featuring a golden "Champions 23" kit font. This gold colorway is exclusive to the Champions font and not available as regular colorway in the next season probably - even though it perfectly would fit Arsenal's 2023-2024 home kit.

Update: Confirming our prediction, the official 2023-2024 Premier League Winners Sleeve Badge has been showcased by Thai football store Ari Football. In addition, the regular 2023-2024 Premier League sleeve badge is already available to buy at select retailers, including Subsidesports.

We also created a mock-up of the Arsenal 2023-2024 home kit with the gold and regular Premier League sleeve badges - the gold won't happen certainly, even though it would have been a great fit.

Some days ago, the English Premier League and their supplier Avery Dennison released the brand-new Premier League typeface. But not only that - the new Premier League sleeve badge was also revealed.

Premier League 2023 Sleeve Badge

The new Premier League sleeve badge has been redesigned for the upcoming season to a stand-alone iconic Premier League lion. This design will be replicated in gold for the "Champions" badge worn by the season's winning team.

Thanks to the freed lion, the badge looks bigger and puts the lion in the center.

The main innovation is the stand-alone iconic Premier League lion

What is also interesting is the white border, which has different widths. It is thinner in the upper right and bigger towards the lower left.

The Premier League Champions sleeve badge is again gold. The new 2023 Premier League Champions sleeve badge does not feature the season when the reigning champions won the title.

Premier League 2023 Sleeve Badge

Premier League Champions Sleeve Badge

The new Premier League 2023 sleeve patch will be available with the first shirt releases for the 2023-2024 season, possibly as early as May 2023.

Premier League 2023 Sleeve Badge
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