6 UK Teams Have Already Left Hummel After Bankruptcy, Only 3 Renewed Kit Deals

In November 2022, Elite Sports Group, the UK distributor for Danish sportswear brand Hummel, have gone into administration, leaving many British football clubs in limbo. Now with the 22-23 season nears its end, teams have to decide which kit maker they want for the 2023-2024 season...

UK Hummel Football Teams Abandon Hummel as Distributor Went Bankrupt

Six UK teams have already left the brand (including Wimbledon, Bristol City, and Millwall), while only three have renewed their deal (Everton, Coventry City, and Kilmarnock). Over 10 others could also leave Hummel.

Hummel already have a new UK distributor

In fact, the distributor's collapse has resulted in many clubs being unable to restock their stores and raised questions about their future relationships with Hummel. The webstore of Hashtag United has been displaying an info message since November 2022, and some orders that were already paid for were not processed.

Everton extended their Hummel deal until 2023-24, while Coventry City and Kilmarnock recently signed new three-year deals. However, the future remains uncertain for other clubs, including Southampton, Hashtag United, Northampton Town, Hyde United, Cambridge United, Fleetwood Town, and Crusaders.

❌ LEFT HUMMEL - New Kit Maker From 23-24

  • Bristol City (O'Neills - switched to 23-24 kits during the season)
  • Ayr United (O'Neills)
  • Millwall (Errea)
  • Newport County (VX3 Sportswear)
  • AFC Wimbledon (Umbro)
  • Oldham Athletic (Puma)

✅ STAY WITH HUMMEL - Hummel to Make at Least 23-24 Kits

  • Everton (deal extended until 2023-24)
  • Coventry City (new three-year deal until 2026)
  • Kilmarnock (new three-year deal until 2026)

❓ NOT KNOWN - Could Have a New Kit Maker From 23-24

  • Southampton (deal originally valid until 2026, possibly signed with Hummel main company)
  • Hashtag United (webstore offline since November 2022, orders were ended from one day to the other - likely to leave Hummel)
  • Northampton Town (no announcements made yet)
  • Hyde United
  • Cambridge United
  • Fleetwood Town (22-23 kits sold for half price)
  • Crusaders (virtually no stock for 22-23 kits and other gear)
Hummel teams outside the UK are not affected

It is important to know that all Hummel teams outside the UK are not affected by the distributor's administration at all.

Our Verdict - Hummel Will Not Have More Than 5 Major UK Teams in 23-24 Season

So far, Hummel only managed to renew deals with three UK clubs, even though they are among the most important. We expect most of the smaller and mediocre teams to leave Hummel as well, while Southampton is 50/50.

As a club director, would you sign a new deal with Hummel and their new distributor (SportsPro)? Let us know in the comments below.