Exclusive: All-New La Liga Logo Leaked

Update: From the 2023-2024 season, the Spanish LaLiga will have an all-new league logo. With it, LaLiga will of course also release a new sleeve badge. We have no final leak of the sleeve badge yet. There are various different possible looks for it - we have created seven possible looks for it.

Possible 2023-2024 LaLiga Sleeve Badge Logos

LaLiga could allow teams to have custom-colored sleeve badges, similar to what new partner EA Sports have done with their new logo. It seems most likely, however, that it will have the red color of the main logo combined with a white background.

24 April 2023: Exclusive: All-New La Liga Logo Leaked

For the 2023-2024 season, Spanish La Liga (officially LaLiga) are set to undergo a complete rebrand. Now we can leak the all-new La Liga logo.

La Liga will also have a new title partnership with EA SPORTS from the 2023-2024 season. As part of this partnership, La Liga will be known as "LaLiga EA Sports FC" from 2023. We can not leak the new LaLiga logo x EA Sports logo yet.

LaLiga 2023-2024 Logo

The new LaLiga logo ditches the iconic color wheel that has been there for 30 years. Instead, the new logo will feature a pale red color.

The color wheel is replaced by a modern yet cryptic "ll" symbol, which is not easy to recognize as LaLiga at first glance.

La Liga 23-24 Kit Typeface

Exclusive: All-New La Liga 23-24 Kit Font Leaked

Aside from the new logo, the rebrand will also introduce a new league-wide kit font. The kit font uses the same typeface as the LaLiga logo.

Our Conclusion - More Modern But Less Remarkable

La Liga's rebrand brings a fresh new look to one of the world's most popular football leagues. However, we are sure that there are many who will miss the color wheel - it was surely one of the most-known logos in the whole sports world.

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