Classic 90s Kits Remade as Tie Dye T-Shirts: "Football 'Til I Dye" by James Reynolds

The latest project from artist James Reynolds takes some of the most recognisable football shirts of the 90s and and uses tie dye techniques to recreate them, complete with sponsors and club badges.

Football 'Til I Die by James Reynolds

The 90s gave us some of the most iconic football shirts ever, and it was also the decade in which tie dye clothing made a major resurgence. Football shirts have become more prominent in mainstream fashion over the last few years, vintage jerseys from the 90s in particular. Tie dye is also still riding it's most recent wave of popularity, as are more or less all things 90s.

For his latest project, titled Football 'Til I Dye, James Reynolds has combined these two pop culture phenomena, creating tie dye t shirts bearing the same colours and patterns as the shirts of Boca Juniors, AC Milan, Manchester United and more, complete with screen printed brand logos, sponsors and club badges. Check them all out below.

Inter 1998/99

Ajax 1994/95

PSG 1998/99

AC Milan 1996/97

Juventus 1995/96

Parma 1999/00

Inter Milan 1997/98 Third

Manchester United 1994/96 Third

Boca Juniors 2000/01

Celtic 1997/99

England 1990 Third

Argentina 1998

River Plate 1998/99

Manchester United 1993/94 Third

Flamengo 1994/95

Which is your favourite? Would you wear one of these tie dye shirts? Comment below.