All-New La Liga Kit Sleeve Badge Revealed

With the launch of the new LALIGA logo and the Real Sociedad 2023-24 home kit, we get a first look at the all-new La Liga sleeve badge.

La Liga 2023 Sleeve Badge

This is the La Liga 2023 kit sleeve badge.

La Liga's 2023 sleeve badge builds on the new LALIGA logo, of course. The LALIGA lettering and logo are featured within a white box with a red border.

There is also a very tiny light grey "The Power of Our Fútbol" lettering running on the edge of the white box. "The Power of Our Fútbol" is La Liga's new slogan.

The sleeve badge for La Liga 2023, which is white and red, doesn't seem to match well with kits of varying colors. For example, it appears out of place on the Real Sociedad 23-24 home kit - the first kit we see the new sleeve badge logo on.

La Liga 2023-24 Champions Sleeve Badge?

There is no image of the La Liga 2023 Champions Sleeve Badge yet. It might be similar to the extra small gold badge introduced in 2020, but we hope for a full golden sleeve version of the new badge.

La Liga's 2023 sleeve badge is currently not available to buy individually.

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