Incredible Boreale 23-24 Home, Away, Third & Goalkeeper Kits Released - Inspired by Ancient Battle of the Milvian Bridge

Aspiring football design studio Ezeta, based in Rome, has once again showcased their distinctive style with the release of their latest football jerseys. This time, their creative expertise has been employed to craft a remarkable set of for Eccellenza side Boreale ASD (non-league club from the city of Rome), drawing inspiration from the ancient Battle of the Milvian Bridge.

The shits are sold out practically everywhere, but preorders are still possible

Ezeta have earned a reputation for their partnership with Italian non-league teams, where they reimagine club identities by incorporating the rich history of the region. Boreale ASD is the latest beneficiary of Ezeta's expertise, receiving a collection of four shirts that showcase intricate designs influenced by The Battle of the Milvian Bridge. The studio's signature lavish photoshoot style captures the essence of the jerseys.

Boreale 2023 Crest

The new Boreale 2023 logo has been created by the designer Dan Norris. It incorporates the Ponte Milvio bridge, the club's colors, and the founding year.

The Ponte Milvio or Ponte Molle, also known as the Milvian Bridge in English, is a bridge situated over the Tiber River in the northern part of Rome, Italy. During the Roman Empire, it held significant economic and strategic importance. In 312, the Battle of the Milvian Bridge took place here, resulting in Constantine's imperial rule.

Boreale 23-24 Home Kit

Check out Ezeta's Boreale 23-24 home jersey below.

The Ezeta Boreale 2023-24 home shirt is inspired by the Historic Battle of Ponte Milvio where Constantine won against Maxentius. Fought in 312 AD, it represents the victory of Christianity and the end of the Pagan world.

The Ezeta Boreale 2023-2024 home football shirt is purple with an all-over print of the famous painting made by the Raphael school in 1520. The collar and cuff details elegantly highlight the subtle switch of colors.

Boreale 23-24 Away Kit

Check out Ezeta's Boreale 23-24 away shirt below.

The Ezeta Boreale ASD 2023-2024 away jersey draws inspiration from Constantine's story, specifically the Chi-Rho symbol used as part of the Emperor's standard.

The jerseys display squares with the Chi-Rho symbol, in violet on a white base forming a cross.

Boreale 23-24 Third Kit

This is the Boreale 23-24 third jersey, made by Ezeta.

The Ezeta Boreale 23-24 third shirt has the same design as the away shirt but in gold on black, forming a cross, like the away shirt.

Boreale 23-24 Goalkeeper Kit

This is the new Ezeta Boreale ASD goalkeeper jersey for 2023-2024.

The Ezeta Boreale 2023-24 goalkeeper jersey is red and white, featuring the same design as the player's home shirt.

The Boreale shirts have been in high demand, with rapid sell-outs. Preorders can be made on for a price of 65 Euros, while other stores are mostly sold out.

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