FC St. Pauli to Sign Puma Kit Deal?

According to puma-als-trikot-ausruester-zurueck-84332268.bild.html">Bild, Puma could soon join Bundesliga 2 side FC St. Pauli, replacing the club's in-house brand, DiiY.

However, this is not the first time Puma would work with FC St. Pauli. The team played in Puma kits from 1997-2000 and before that in 1988-1990.

A possible return is already in talks, affecting the 2024-25 season at the earliest.

We created a concept look using FIFA Kit Creator, an online tool that allows users to make their own football kits, based on the 2023-24 FC St. Pauli Home Kit.

The players have been geared with their own brand DiiY since 2021 - with great success. The lack of income from an outfitter contract is compensated by the sale of the popular jerseys.

Around 30,000 units were sold in the first year, almost the same number in the second year and similarly good figures are emerging for the coming season.

Bernd von Geldern, the Business Manager of FC. St Pauli stated: “The self-marketing of the DiiY jerseys is very successful. We watch everything out of a feeling of strength, constantly re-examining ourselves. It will be decided from year to year".

He also spoke about not wanting to move away from one requirement: "Dealing with the topic of sustainability is a very important criteria in our decisions".

What do you think? Should FC St. Pauli stick with DiiY or return to Puma? Comment below.