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RB Leipzig Absurdly Confirm Puma Kit Deal with Xavi Simons Announcement

RB Leipzig potentially confirmed their new kit deal with Puma after announcing the signing of rookie Xavi Simons with meticulous media photos.

Leipzig Photoshop Puma Logo on Xavi Simons Announcement Picture

While the photos themselves may seem unremarkable, keen-eyed fans quickly noticed that Puma's logo had been photoshopped onto Adidas X Speedportal shoes. Oddly, the legs and feet of the Xavi Simons picture are certainly not those of the Dutch youngster, who had never laced up in the Adidas X Heatspwan Pack.

Instead, Xavi Simons had been wearing New Balance football boots for the last phase of the 2022-23 season, but now Xavi Simons had just signed with Puma. BLeipzig is doing a favor to Puma by adding their logo on their shoes, although they are sponsored by Nike. But why? The reason is simple.

Leipzig have reportedly already signed a deal with Puma for the 2024-25 season, replacing Nike. While teams usually try to hide other boot sponsor logos, Leipzig have added the logo of their new sponsor.

Back in 2022, Jordan/Nike more subtly hid that Messi is sponsored by Adidas.

Leipzig x Puma x Xavi Simons

👟 Leipzig announced the signing of Xavi Simons with meticulous media photos

🤔 Puma's logo was photoshopped onto the Adidas X Speedportal shoes Simons was wearing

📝 Simons had just signed with Pumam Leipzig will sign with Puma for the 2024-25 season

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