All-New La Liga 23-24 Scoreboard Released

Not only the English Premier League, but also the Spanish La Liga have created a brand new scoreboard for the upcoming 23-24 season, complete with a new visual identity and logo.

La Liga Launch All-New Scoreboard for 23-24 Season

The new La Liga 2023-2024 scoreboard builds on the newly launched logo. It is featuring bright colors and chromatic customization for each of the 42 clubs.

The colors of the new scoreboard design are a drastic change from the dark tones of previous seasons, featuring the new corporate color, PANTONE Red 032C, which gives the broadcasts a renewed, rejuvenated, and more dynamic image.

Augmented reality is used for the line-ups ahead of the game

Viewers can also expect to see new perspectives and angles during matches and augmented reality graphics that replicate the video game style, with 2D and 3D graphics bringing dynamism to the broadcasts.

No league are closer than La Liga

Each team will have their own color code, primary and secondary, that will customize the graphics in special actions that occur on the field, such as a custom-colored "Gooools" animation that will be blended it on the top left.

The performance metrics of the broadcasts will be enhanced through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology of Microsoft Azure, within the Beyond Stats advanced statistics project of La Liga and Microsoft.

In addition to the new scoreboard, there will be changes to the cameras used during broadcasts, with new angles and positions to give fans a more immersive viewing experience. During cooling breaks, it is now possible to hear what the coaches say, similar to what is known from other sports like handball.

New La Liga 23-24 Scoreboard

  • La Liga launched a new scoreboard for 23-24 season
  • New visual identity features bright colors and chromatic customization for each club
  • Augmented reality graphics will replicate video game style
  • Cameras will offer new angles and positions for a more immersive viewing experience
  • Each team will have their own color code for customized graphics during special actions.

Premier League vs La Liga 23-24 Scoreboards

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