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This is Bad: Authentic Nike Liverpool 23-24 Third Seems to Be Much Lighter Than Replica

Liverpool fans were left with questions after the unveiling of the club's 23-24 third kit. The concern is the color of the kit, with fans wondering if the authentic version is lighter than the replica.

Fans Left Wondering About Colors of Liverpool's 23-24 Third Kit

In the official pictures released by the club, the authentic version appears to be much lighter than the replica. Such a remarkable color difference would be a first in the history of authentic and replica kits, which tend to have other differences, but not the color.

Replica kits usually have the same colors as the authentic version

The lighter color of the Liverpool 23-24 authentic kit has probably two reasons - one is real, the other only because of the pictures.

First Reason: New Knit Pattern Makes the Kit Lighter

First, the new knit pattern featured in the authentic kit results in a lighter look.

Second Reason: Images of Authentic Are Lighter

Second, the pictures of the authentic version were taken in lighter conditions, further increasing the difference in appearance.

Indeed, in the images of the Women's replica kit, the differences are much smaller.

As of now, we will have to wait for direct comparison pictures to get a better understanding of the color differences between the two versions. However, if the heavy color differences are confirmed, this would be another stage backward of replica versions of football kits.

Is Liverpool's 23-24 Authentic Lighter Than the Replica?

👕 Liverpool's 23-24 third kit was unveiled last night

🤔 Fans wonder if the authentic version is lighter than the replica

📷 Official pictures show a noticeable difference in appearance

🎨 Color discrepancy is likely because of knit material, and not only because of different lighting of photos

✅ Direct comparison pictures could give confirmation

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Will direct comparison pictures confirm the color discrepancy? Will replica kits get less similar to authentic kits every year? Let us know in the comments below.