Exclusive: Adidas to Introduce Significantly Enlarged Logo on Football Kits

In a bold move, Adidas will introduce a significant change to their football kits for the 2024 season and beyond.

Adidas to Increase Manufacture Logo Size By Around 35%

Adidas just have shifted towards a more modern Three Stripes-only branding, and now they let this logo stand out even more.

Argentina's 2024 kit will already have the bigger Adidas logo

FIFA allow manufacturing logos of up to 20cm²

According to information from Footy Headlines, Adidas are set to unveil a significantly enlarged logo on their football kits. The new logo will be approximately 35% bigger than the current one, taking advantage of FIFA's allowance for manufacturing logos up to 20cm².

What is odd is that it seems like FIFA seem to give Adidas an unfair advantage of how their logo size is measured. The right half of the Adidas logo just does not count.

In contrast, Nike's logo is seen as a "rectangle", while you could argue that it's more or less a triangle. If being counted as a triangle, the Nike logo could be double the size.

The new enlarged logo size will be used across all Adidas 2024 international kits plus all other football kits from 2024 onwards, including the 2024-2025 jerseys.

The Adidas 2024 training jerseys will have an even bigger Adidas logo - this, however, would be forbidden by FIFA Equipment Rules for on-pitch kits.

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