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Should Adidas Try to Sign Liverpool?

Liverpool Football Club and Nike have been in the news recently, as they are close to securing a new shirt sponsorship deal that could more than double Liverpool's current revenue. But what if Adidas would manage to sign Liverpool Liverpool again? We have imagined the potential of the partnership.

What If Liverpool Was Sponsored by Adidas Again? Our Concept Kit Shows Off the Great Potential

As some fans might remember, Adidas made Liverpool's kits longer than any other brand, from 1985-1996 and from 2006-2012. Many Liverpool fans consider Adidas as their best-ever kit maker.

To explore this idea, we collaborated with graphic designer and Liverpool fan @lfcdzn11 to create a concept kit based on the iconic Liverpool 1990-1992 Candy kit with some modern twists. The graphics are more subtle, and of course, the new Adidas logo is included.

Nike are unable to release any remakes as they never had been sponsored Liverpool before

The concept shows off the great potential of a new Adidas x Liverpool partnership. The Three Stripes could not only release modern kits that are inspired by classic ones but also re-release old Liverpool kits, as they have done for Arsenal and Manchester United.

Premier League Top Team Kit Deals - Adidas With 2/3, Nike with 3 & Puma With 1 Top Team

  • Adidas: Arsenal (2030), Manchester United (2035), Newcastle United (2029)
  • Nike: Chelsea (2032), Tottenham (2023), Liverpool (2025 - extension until at least 2030 expected)
  • Puma: Manchester City (2029)

But how likely is it that Adidas will return as Liverpool's supplier anytime in the foreseeable future? Currently, it appears very unlikely.

All the big Premier League teams have deals until at least 2029, meaning that we won't see any new supplier switches until the next decade very likely.

All Premier League top team kit deals are virtually settled for this decade.

Indeed, Adidas just extended their deals with Arsenal and Manchester United within the last 12 months. If Liverpool extend with Nike, the Premier League top team kit deals are virtually settled for this decade.

Adidas have just signed "reborn" Newcastle United and have also extended deals with Arsenal and Manchester United.

Would you like to see Liverpool back in Adidas, or do you prefer Nike? Let us know in the comments, and see all old Liverpool kits on Football Kit Archive.