Lotto Stadio Icon: Hands-On Review

Lotto released their second 50th anniversary boot last week, the Stadio Icon, and we got our hands on a pair, courtesy of Lotto.

Lotto Stadio Icon 50th Anniversary
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Lotto Stadio Icon - Hands-On Review

Lotto have once again gone all out on presentation, with a fold-out box that also serves as a display platform in the same colourway as the boots themselves. Inside, a green-tinted card bears a collage of the different players to have worn the Stadio over the years, a veritable who's who of 90s legends. The pearly boot bag has a glorious sheen in keeping with the occasion of the 50th anniversary.

Lotto Stadio OG 50-Years Anniversary
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After the dazzling gold and black pair that dropped back in June, Lotto went for a more classic colourway for the second pair of their anniversary Stadios, although it defintely still packs a punch. The pearl white upper, with its green accents, would have caused a stir in the 90s. Back when white boots were seen as the pretty much the flashiest thing imaginable, the exact opposite of the down-to-earth black footwear that was so dominant in that era.

The celebratory details are marked on the heel and tongue, commemorating the milestone of the brand's 50th year in existence. The k-leather is as soft and supple as you would expect from a boot proudly labelled "made in Italy", and the same goes for the level of comfort on foot. The shade of green on the tongue is ever so slightly different fromt the logo and soleplate, but is perfectly aligned with the accent colour used throughout Lotto's storied history.

The Stadio is a heritage boot on par with the Copa Mundial, Puma King and Nike Tiempo, and this special release from Lotto is a timely reminder of it's class. In today's boot industry, simplicity of design and quality craftsmanship have been largely replaced by synthetic uppers and advanced technology, the main purpose of which seems to be merely to act as fodder for marketing campaigns. It would be a real pleasure - and also very refreshing - to spot a couple of pairs of the Stadio Icons on the pitches Serie A over the next few weeks.

How does the Stadio Icon compare to the Stadio Gold in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.