Blackout Mysterious Boots: Next-gen Adidas X ??

During AC Milan's recent training session, Left-back Theo Hernandez was spotted wearing mysterious black boots that could be the next generation of the Adidas X Crazyfast boot.

Theo Hernandez's blackout mysterious boots

There are not too many clear close-up shots of these shoes yet, but they have a fairly smooth upper and a high sole, so this could be the next generation of Adidas X Crazyfast shoes.

Next-gen Adidas X?

At the end of August, Theo Hernandez was also spotted wearing Adidas X Crazyfast boots during an AC Milan training session. This shows that Theo Hernandez is likely to leave Nike and join Adidas. This further confirms the possibility that this mystery boot is the next generation of the Adidas X boot line.

Footy Headlines thinks this mysterious boots is the next-gen of Adidas X boots

Next-gen Nike Mercurial?

It cannot be ruled out that this mysterious pair of boots is the next generation of the Nike Mercurial Vapor boots, called the Vapor 16.

Third Skechers Silo?

In an even crazier case, this mysterious shoe is Skechers' third silo, and the brand has successfully recruited Theo Hernandez.

Which sports brand do you think these mysterious shoes are from? Do you think Theo Hernandez will be joining Adidas in the near future?