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The "Definitive" Adidas Team Ranking - Update with 25 Clubs

Update: We have now ranked 25 Adidas teams, including teams from all over the world. Of course, we cannot include every Adidas team in the world, but our new graphic shows the most important teams to give you a good overview.

If you cannot find your team, you can search for similar teams from the same country. For example, all the MLS teams are at the same level (with only three slightly above who got the third kit). In Brazil, only Flamengo is an elite team, while all the other big B teams are in the second pyramid. You can apply this rule to most, if not all, countries.

Last week, we examined how Nike treat their top teams. Following its great popularity, we are now doing the same for Adidas and the Three Stripes' top teams.

Adidas Top Teams Ranked

While there may not be a definitive ranking of Adidas' top teams, the tiers are much clearer than they are for Nike.

Flamengo were downgraded and are not marketed internationally anymore

Adidas only have five elite football teams, plus Flamengo, who are also an elite team. However, in recent years, Flamengo were downgraded bit by bit. Adidas have stopped selling Flamengo's kits internationally but still treat them as an Elite team in South America.

Newcastle could become a premium team only

Real Madrid, Bayern, Arsenal and Manchester United top Adidas' ranking currently. Only Real Madrid and Manchester United offer long-sleeve authentic away kits for sale, while Arsenal and Bayern are the only teams who get bespoke Women's kits (Bayern for the 24-25 season).

Meanwhile, all other Adidas teams are no Elite clubs. They do not get authentic kits but have to wear "replica" Aeroready jerseys.

Adidas' Top Teams Ranking, Based on Their Kits, Marketing, and Global Appeal:

A+ Elite - Real Madrid & Manchester United (only teams who sell long-sleeve authentic away kits) + Arsenal & Bayern München (special Kits for Women teams)

A Elite - Juventus: authentic kits available, but no long-sleeve authentic jerseys and no bespoke Women's kits

A- Elite - Flamengo: authentic kits available, but no lifestyler third kits, and not marketed internationally

B Premium - Many Teams: Bespoke kits, but no authentic kits (e.g. Benfica, AS Roma, Leeds United)

B - Even More Teams: bespoke kits, but almost no other bespoke gear (e.g. Union Berlin, Nottingham, Fulham)

C - Direct contract with Adidas, customized Adidas "Locker Room" kits (previously miTeam), no bespoke designs

D - No direct affiliation with Adidas, standard teamwear kits (most smaller teams, e.g. Saarbrücken, Hapoel Tel Aviv, FC Košice, Xerez)

It will be interesting to see where Adidas will position Newcastle United in their kit pyramid. Both Elite and Premium seem possible, but it is more likely that they will not get authentic kits (so only the Premium level).

So, what do you think of Adidas' team ranking? Let us know in the comments below.