Exclusive: 3 Skechers SKX Boots Leaked - Will Harry Kane Wear All of Them?

After Skechers entered the football market by singing Harry Kane and releasing their first football boots in August, it has been relatively quiet about the brand. However, Skechers will soon launch new colorways for their two silos (SKX and Razor). We can leak three different Skechers SKX boot colorways.

Upcoming Skechers SKX Soccer Cleat Colorways

With the next released, Skechers are offering a range of colorways to cater to everyone's preferences - those who prefer a clean look can opt for the white paint job, those who prefer a darker look can go for the black paint job, and those who want to stand out can choose the chrome edition.

Kane will wear two or three of them

The first one is a white/blue shoe that has a clean look, perfect for pairing with the Nike England 2022 home kit. The second shoe has a black main color with a white Skechers logo and a chrome blue sole plate. Finally, the third shoe is a metallic silver/green glow/black combination with a very prominent green glow color soleplate.

It is unclear whether Harry Kane, the primary brand ambassador for Skechers, will sport all three of the newly launched boots. However, it seems certain that he will be wearing the white and chrome colorways. Additionally, the black boot featuring the white Skechers logo is also a possibility.

We have no release dates for the three Skechers SKX football boots

We have no exact release dates for these three Skechers SKX football boots yet, but expect them to drop in Fall 20323 & early 2024.

Skechers SKX_01 - White/Navy/Light Blue

The first white Skechers SKX soccer cleats have a clean look that perfectly fits the current Nike England 2022 home kit.

Skechers SKX 01 - 'Black/White/Blue'

This black Skechers SKX 01 shoe has a black main color with white and blue accents. The Skechers logo is white, and the sole has a fascinating blue shimmering effect.

Skechers SKX-01 'Chrome' - Metallic Silver/Green Glow/Black

The new SKX-01 'Chrome' boots from Skechers have a silver main color combined with a black Skechers logo and a very prominent green glow color soleplate.

Which of these Skechers SKX boot colorways is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.