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2030 World Cup Bid Logo Leaked

Update: The leaked logo is the bid/candidates logo only. It is NOT the official World Cup logo. The joint bid of Morocco, Portugal and Spain is the only bid for the 2030 World Cup, but they still have to undergo a successful bidding process by FIFA and a decision by the FIFA Congress in 2024. However, this is only a formality, and yet another example of the lack of transparency in the decisions of FIFA, which are often sealed off in the back room.

Recently, the 2030 World Cup bid logo of the three-nation alliance group: Morocco - Spain - Portugal was leaked by Algerian news outlet Le Desk.

The picture in the left is a Photoshop of Le Desk, no leaked picture

World Cup 2030 Morocco - Spain - Portugal Bid Logo

The 2030 World Cup bid logo features the slogan 'YallaVamos 2030', inspired by the translation into three languages of the slogan retained in English as 'Come on, Let's go'.

Photoshop by Le Desk

The 2030 World Cup bid logo has the number 30 in the center, with the ball surrounded by red, green and yellow crescents representing the three bid: Morocco, Spain and Portugal. Below the number 30 is the slogan 'YallaVamos 2030' with three bid running: Morocco, Spain and Portugal.

World Cup Bid Logos

World Cup Logo History

The official 2030 World Cup logo is set to be revealed at a later stage. Footy Headlines have a strong feeling that it will build on the 2026 World Cup logo, with just the dates chagning - the World Cup tropy with the year 30 in the background.

YallaVamos 2030 slogan aims to formalize the Morocco-Spain-Portugal alliance.

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