Nike Have Lost Interest in Men's Football

In recent years, and especially in 2023, Nike have abandoned many relationships and contracts, from football kits to boots and balls for major tournaments. It seems that Nike are cleaning up their current contracts or, in the words of @TheBarcaLad21, that Nike are losing interest in football.

Nike Strategy Change Already Announced in 2019 - Focus on Women's Football & Other Sports

The reason why many think that Nike "have lost their interest in football" dates back to 2019. Starting with the 2019 Women's World Cup, Nike announced that they would be giving more attention to women's football and other sports in general.

Nike have lost interest in Men's football, the Women's game has leveled up remarkably

Since the announcement in 2019, development started that did not slow down in any case - more money and attention to Women's football and sports in general, less money and attention to Men's football.

Football Kit Suppliers

Recently, various football teams and national teams have confirmed that they are ending their relationship with Nike, including Galatasaray, RB Leipzig, New Zealand and, soon, Portugal.

Previously, Nike did also not renew shirt supply contracts with two major Premier League teams, Manchester City and Manchester United. As a result, Manchester City became Puma's elite team and Manchester United became Adidas' elite team. Currently, the Manchester United x Adidas kit deal is also the most valuable in the world.

Football Boots

The development is even cleaner when it comes to player contracts. Since 2020, Nike have lost more than 50 of their most important players. In 2023 alone, Nike have not extended deals with more than 10 players, most of them to Adidas or Puma.

However, Nike still have contracts with top players such as Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland, Jamal Musiala, and Vinicius Jr. Both Haaland and Vinicius Jr were just recently renewed - Nike want to keep the best and most marketable players, but many players below them have to look for new suppliers to get "big money".

Major Tournaments Ball

In 2023, Nike lost the contract to supply balls for all Conmebol competitions (including the Copa America and Copa Libertadores). From the 2025-26 season, they will no longer supply the English Premier League, getting replaced by Puma - this means that Nike have no big league deal soon.

Nike used to supply the balls for La Liga, Serie A, and Premier League. All these contracts were taken over by Puma - This makes Puma to the world's leading official ball maker next to Adidas.

Have Nike lost interest in (Men's) football? Do you think Nike will have even fewer top teams and players in the future? Let us know in the comments below.