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No More Nike - Puma "Cumbre" 2024 Copa América Ball Released

Puma and Conmebol unveiled the official ball of the Conmebol 2024 Copa América last night. Named Cumbre, the ball represents the passion of the continent’s football and the connectivity that the tournament generates between nations across the Americas.

Nike 2021 vs Puma 2024 Copa América footballs

The name Cumbre (which translates to summit) is inspired by the mountain range that crosses the Americas, symbolizing the ambition to leave football in the region at the top.

Puma Cumbre Aoccer Ball - Official Ball of Conmebol Copa América 2024

According to Puma, the design of the ball used in the 2024 Copa America is inspired by the shape of the continent. It is very subtle, but the ball features 16 lines that represent the number of countries participating in the tournament.

However, the color scheme and overall look very much reminds us of the Adidas 2023 MLS football. The red and blue color scheme celebrates the US flag.

The Conmebol Copa América 2024 ball will roll for the first time on Thursday, June 20, 2024, in the opening match at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. It will be available at major retailers in Latin America and on Puma.com.

What do you think of Puma’s Cumbre, the Conmebol Copa América 2024 official ball? Let us know in the comments below.