Should Nike Highlight Star on the England 2024 Kits?

We've recently all had a closer look at the England Euro 2024 kits, which once again feature the star above the crest applied very subtly, very much unlike what other national teams do. But should Nike start making the star stand out more?

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The Star on the England 2024 Kits

Compare our mock-up (right) with the official look of the England 2024 home kit below.

We have created a mock-up with the star applied in navy to match the other accents on the kit.

The star above the crest on the England 2024 home shirt denotes the 1966 World Cup title, with its color once again closely matching the main color of the shirt, which is white in the case of the home. This means the star does not stand out at all and becomes almost invisible when viewed from a distance.

England's kits in recent years have featured a star whose colors match the colors of the shirt.

We also brought to life the Nike England Euro 2024 home and away kits worn by Jude Bellingham and Alexander Arnold, and as you can see, the star is hard to see.

The Nike 2024 Brazil and France kits both feature a prominently colored star in the colors of the shirt.

Do you think Nike should start giving more prominence to the star on the England kits going forwards? Let us know in the comments below.