Exclusive: Aston Villa 150-Year Anniversary Mark Leaked

Footy Headlines can exclusively leak Aston Villa's 150th anniversary mark, to be used in 2024-25 season.

Aston Villa 150-Year Anniversary Mark

The Aston Villa 150-year anniversary Mark has been named the AV 150 and will be used during the 2024-25 season to celebrate the club's 150th anniversary.

It is likely that the special Aston Villa anniversary mark will be seen on the Adidas Aston Villa 24-25 kits, possibly on the back under the collar.

In 2024, Aston Villa could also release a new logo, which was already leaked.

Recently, fan @macjohnsonmedia imagined how Adidas x Aston Villa 150th anniversary kits could look. His designs are not based on any leaked info.

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