No More Castore: Aston Villa to Sign Adidas Kit Deal

Aston Villa has struck a deal with Adidas to take over as its kit manufacturer from Castore next season. This is reported by The Telegraph this evening.

After Problems With Castore: Aston Villa Switches to Adidas for Kit Manufacturing Deal From 2024-25 Season

The long-term Adidas Aston Villa agreement will be worth multi-millions of pounds for the men's and women's teams and the academy.

Concept kits - made by Thom Kits FC with FIFA Kit Creator

The Adidas Aston Villa football kit deal comes in the aftermath of the complaints from the players in the men's and women's teams about the "wet-look" nature of the Castore shirts, which appeared saturated and clingy once players started perspiring.

The switch to Adidas is a move that reflects the ambitions of the club and its billionaire Egyptian owner Nassef Sawiris, who owns around seven percent of the German company.

Current Premier League kit makers - via Football Kit Archive

Villa has partnered with various kit manufacturers throughout its history, but never with Adidas. They already had kits from Nike, Kappa, Under Armour, Macron, Diadora, Reebok, Asics, Umbro, and Hummel.

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