All-New Adidas Football Boot 2024 Naming System Launched

Update: British football store Lovell Soccer has greatly explained how Adidas has changed the naming system for its three main boot silos for 2024.

The plus name will be history from summer 2024, and it makes much sense

Both the Copa and the X still come with the Plus name for the "special" top versions - this is pretty confusing for customers and will be history from July 2024. From then on, the top Copa is going to be called "Adidas Copa Elite Knitted." For the all-new F50, there only exist two top versions again, instead of three (called Adidas F50 Elite Lacless and Adidas F50 Elite").

Confirming our leak, Adidas has officially introduced the new naming system for the 2024 football boots in the just launched Solar Energy collection. In partnership with Vietnamese boot expert PHÂN TÍCH GIÀY, we will provide a more intuitive look at each tier of the Adidas 2024 football boots.

Adidas Football Boot 2024 Naming System

The Adidas 2024 boot naming system will be divided into 4 tiers instead of 5 tiers as before: Elite - Pro - League - Club

Adidas Predator 2024

For the Adidas Predator 24, the Elite tier continues to be divided into three versions as follows:

  • Elite Tongue
  • Elite LL (laceless)
  • Elite (laces)

Similar to the Elite tier, the League tier is also divided into three versions:

  • League LL (high collar)
  • League (high collar, laces)
  • League low (low collar, laces)

Adidas X Crazyfast 2024

Just like the Predator 24 boot, the X Crazyfast boot also has an Elite tier, which is divided into three versions as follows:

  • Elite +
  • Elite LL (laceless)
  • Elite (laces)

The Adidas X Crazyfast shoes also have a League tier, which is divided into two versions:

  • League LL
  • League (laces)

Adidas Copa Pure 2024

For the Copa Pure 2024 boot, the Elite tier is only available in two versions:

  • Elite +
  • Elite

Adidas Naming System vs Nike Naming System

In fact, Adidas has come up with a naming system that is almost identical to Nike's, with the exception of Tier 3 (League vs Academy). Is this a coincidence? Probably not.

Adidas New Naming System vs Old Naming System

Comparing Adidas' old and new naming systems, the corresponding tiers are as follows:

  • Elite + ~ +
  • Elite LL ~ .1 LL
  • ELite ~ .1
  • Pro ~ .2
  • League ~ .3
  • Club ~ .4

Adidas Football Boot 2024 Naming System (TF version)

For the turf versions, Adidas has removed the Pro tier. The naming system only leaves 3 tiers: Elite - League - Club.

Depending on the each silo, Adidas will continue to subdivide each of its tiers. This is to identify whether they are laceless or not, for example.

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