"Big-Named Brand" to Return to European Kit World Next Week

Next week, we could see an interesting announcement in the world of football kits.

Reebok, Diadora, or Patrick to Return to Make Football Kits in the European Market?

As teased by football kit enthusiast The Kitsman (@The_Kitsman), a big-named brand will be making its European return to the kit world next week.

Footy Headlines has no info on which brand will make its comeback on the European market in 2024 yet. However, it seems likely that it will be one of Diadora, Reebok, or Patrick.

Reebok, Diadora, and Patrick have a rich history when it comes to making football kits for European teams, but all have been absent when it comes to sponsoring bigger European teams in the past few years.

Diadora signed several Brazilian teams for 2024, while Reebok signed Botafogo and Panama. Patrick has signed no major new teams in the past few years.

Which brand would you like to return to making football kits for European teams? Let us know in the comments below.