Messi Trains in Adidas F50 2024 Prototype Boots

Update: @bootwizardbootreviews has leaked close-ups of the next-gen Adidas F50 2024 prototype boots.

During Inter Miami's latest training session, Messi was spotted wearing the next-gen Adidas speed boots prototype - most likely to be called Adidas F50 2024.

Whiteout Adidas F50 2024 Prototype Boots

The next-gen Adidas F50 2024 whiteout prototype boots have a completely new upper design compared to the X Crazyfast shoes and the soleplate has also been redesigned.

With Adidas already letting players wear the prototype F50 2024 boots, the Adidas X boots are about to come to an end.

Adidas F50 2024 Copa America /Euro 2024 - White/Solar Red/Lucid Blue

The 2024 Copa America /Euro 2024 Adidas F50 football boots have a modern design. They combine a white upper with red/blue logos and applications.

The X Crazyfast will be the last-ever generation of the X silo before it makes way for the F50 2024. It is expected that the F50 2024 boot will be released in the summer 2024, in time for Euro 2024.

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