No More Adidas X - Adidas F50 2024 Football Boots Leaked

Update: Mario Lemina was spotted wearing the next-gen Adidas F50 whiteout boots at the recent Wolves v Fulham game.

What makes these shoes special is that they have been customized in memory of his father.

Update: @allthatboots has leaked a picture of the next-gen Adidas F50 2024 in a deep blue colorway.

Images of futuristic-looking 2024 Adidas F50 football boots got leaked. Footy Headlines can leak that they are indeed a new, old boot silo - Adidas will bring back the F50 football boots as the next-gen replacement for the Adidas X boots from 2024.

Although the images show counterfeits, they are based on the actual next-gen Adidas F50 2024 boots. It remains to be seen if the colorways are legit, however. Footy Headlines have no info about Adidas releasing these colorways for the all-new Adidas F50 2024.

Next-Gen Adidas F50 2024 Soccer Cleats

This is an image of the Adidas F50 2024 boots.

The next-gen Adidas F50 2024 football boots have been significantly upgraded compared to the Adidas X Crazyfast boots, with a smoother upper and shoe form, plus a redesigned soleplate compared to the sole of the X Crazyfast boots.

The next-gen Adidas F50 2024 boots have a simple design with a soft upper using the new PRINTWEB technology. The Three Stripe design on both sides of the shoe remains the same but has been moved from near the toe to both sides of the shoe.

The soleplate has the same stud layout, but the visual design has been completely reworked. The sole has ribs that connect from the heel to the foot, creating a feeling that simulates a player's foot bone.

In terms of design, the next-gen Adidas F50 2024 boot is modern. The most remarkable feature is how the big F50 logo sits next to the Three Stripes.

As the comparison picture reveals, the next-gen Adidas F50 2024 boots have a very smooth form, reminiscent of the Adidas X Speedflow boots that were very popular with players.

Fall 2024 Colorway

Next-Gen Adidas F50 2024 Launch Edition - 2024 Copa America/Euro 2024 - White/Red/Blue

According to exclusive information from Footy Headlines, the launch colorway of the next-gen Adidas F50 2024 football boots has a white base color combined with a blue F50 logo and Three Stripes plus a striking red and blue gradient effect.

Next-Gen Adidas F50 2024 Tier System

  1. Adidas F50 Elite LL & Adidas F50 Elite (with laces)
  2. Adidas F50 Pro LL & Adidas F50 Pro (with laces)
  3. Adidas F50 League (with laces)
  4. Adidas F50 Club (with laces)
After more than eight years, Adidas end the X silo to bring back the F50

In recent years, Adidas have released several remakes of the F50 boot, but only 2024 marks the full comeback.

What do you think about Adidas bringing back the legendary F50 boot line? Do you like the next-gen Adidas F50 2024 soccer cleats? Comment below.