Adidas to End X Silo, Reintroduce F50 Boots

After more than 8 years of development, from X 15 to X Crayzfast, Adidas will officially end the X silo and will bring back the F50 football boot as the next-gen replacement for the Adidas X boot from 2024.

Next-Gen Adidas F50 2024 Boots

Below you can see one of the colorways of the upcoming 2024 Adidas F50 cleats.

The next-gen Adidas F50 2024 football boots have been significantly upgraded compared to the Adidas X Crazyfast boots, with a smoother upper and shoe form, and a redesigned soleplate.

After 8 years of development (2015-2023), the Adidas X silo has a total of 9 versions:

  1. X 15
  2. X 16
  3. X 17
  4. X 18
  5. X 19
  6. X Ghosted
  7. X Speedflow
  8. X Speedportal
  9. X Crazyfast

The X Crazyfast will be the last-ever generation of the X silo before it makes way for the F50 2024. It is expected that the F50 2024 boot will be released in the summer 2024, in time for Euro 2024.

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