No More Nike - Casemiro Officially Joins Adidas

Update: Adidas officially announced a partnership with Manchester United midfielder - Casemiro, he will become an ambassador of Adidas Predator boots.

The number of players leaving Nike has not stopped. Recently, Adidas released a teaser introducing their new signing - Casemiro.

Casemiro to Join Adidas

Casemiro has been wearing Nike boots ever since he made his professional football debut, and the Casemiro x Nike collaboration has lasted for more than 13 years (2011-2024). But in a surprise move, Casemiro is leaving Nike to join Adidas.

In retrospect, however, Nike was not interested and let many players leave from the beginning of 2023 until now. Most recently, young star Lamine Yamal is on the verge of joining Adidas.

Recently, Nike announced that it plans to cut more costs in the future by saving $2 billion over the next 3 years. Nike's decision to let the players go is probably also part of this cost-cutting plan.

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