Los Angeles Clippers Wants to Become Paris Saint-Germain of Basketball With New Logo

The Los Angeles Clippers, the NBA team founded in 1970, has introduced its new brand identity. What caught our interest is that the team was inspired by no other than French giants Paris Saint-Germain.

Los Angeles Clippers Got Inspired by Paris Saint-Germain For New Branding

The new LA Clippers logo features a new compass rose that forms the letter C with a ship, which represents the four points of the compass. The sailing ship is a tribute to the team's name and will be featured on the logo in navy blue on a white background. The new logo is designed to be minimalist, following the trend that has dominated the NBA's redesign.

Many people wear the [PSG] logo without realizing that it belongs to a football team

Gillian Zucker, the president of Los Angeles Clippers franchise, has expressed her desire to make her team as powerful as the French football club, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). She cited PSG as an example for her team to follow in terms of branding. According to Zucker, finding a compass to "move forward in the direction we want to take" is crucial. The Clippers studied several franchises and decided to emulate PSG's branding strategy. "As PSG's logo is so popular that many people wear it without realizing that it belongs to a football team", Zucker believes her team's logo should be just as appealing and represent the city of Los Angeles.

The franchise's jerseys have also been revealed, having some clear resemblance to Jordan's 2021-22 PSG kit, which was inspired by the famous Chicago Bulls NBA uniform.

The new brand identity was created as part of a collaboration between the in-house design team, the agency Doubleday & Cartwright (Brooklyn), and the designer Matthew Wolff, who specializes in the field of sports, especially football.

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