No More Kangaroo Leather: Nike to Release Next-gen Premier Boots in Fall 2024

Three years after the launch of the Premier 3, Nike will introduce a new generation of Premier shoes, most likely called the Premier 4, expected to launch in fall 2024.

Next-gen Nike Premier 2024 Boots- Black

The next-generation Nike Premier 2024 football boot will be released in a black colorway, which could be the launch colorway.

We have no information yet on the design and technology of the next-gen Nike Premier 2024 boots.

One thing Footy Headlines can be sure of, however, is that the next generation of Nike Premier 2024 cleats will do away with Kangaroo leather and will most likely feature a proprietary synthetic upper (like the Tiempo 10 boot).

This means the Premier 3 will be the last Nike shoe silo made from Kangaroo leather.

Nike Premier 2024 - Features

  • No more kangaroo leather
  • Next generation of Nike Premier 3 boots
  • Features not known yet
  • Launch in autumn 2024
  • Price: USD 230 (EUR 250, GBP 230)

Do you look forward to the next-gen Nike Premier 2024 soccer cleats? Let us know in the comments below.