France, Brazil, and Germany Conduct Tenders for New Kit Maker

In the past few years, there has only been one major brand switch for national teams - Italy signed with Adidas. Now, in the next few months, there could be a lot of huge new national kit deal announcements.

Big National Teams Conduct Kit Tenders

Not only one or two, but at least three of the biggest national teams conduct kit tenders in 2024 - Brazil, France, and Germany. Together, the three countries have won 11 of the 22 Men's World Cups so far - exactly 50%.

Brazil Kit Tender

The Nike Brazil deal is worth about 35.5 million US Dollar per year, which is a third of what Germany will get from Nike. Brazil already wanted to renegotiate its deal with Nike two years ago, but apparently, the same contract still applies today. Now, similar to Germany and France, the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) is starting a kit tender.

Puma could go all in for Brazil

Footy Headlines expects that Adidas and Puma will heavily battle Nike for the deal, with Puma could be having a special interest in the deal - the Big Cat is not only without a big national team currently, but also sponsors/sponsored Brazilian stars Pele and Neymar.

France Kit Tender

France's current contract with Nike is worth €50.5 million a year and runs until the end of 2026. The FFF is looking for a new kit supplier in the hope of securing an 8-year deal. Adidas and Puma are reported to go in the battle for the France kit deal.

Will Adidas and France reunite?

Germany Kit Tender

The first tender to be completed is Germany's search for a new supplier. Nike was announced as the new kit maker of the German national team, paying the German Football Federation reportedly 100 million euros/year - 800 million euros over the span of eight years!

Other Big National Teams to Also Have Kit Tenders?

It is not only Brazil, France, and Germany that need a new kit supplier contract for 2027 and beyond. Belgium, Nigeria, and the Netherlands are also free from 2027.

Argentina could also be looking for a new contract

Argentina, 2022 World Cup champions, could also be free from 2027. The Adidas deal originally ran until 2022 but was obviously extended. There is no info on when the current Adidas Argentina deal will expire, but it could also be at the end of 2026.

In addition, Morocco's deal with Puma could come to an end this year. Uruguay is even without a kit maker currently - the country produces its kits in-house.

Incredibly uncertain time for national kit deals. Do you think we will see many further changes after Germany and Nike? Let us know in the comments below.