Nike Brazil 1998 World Cup Remake Kit + Tracksuit Leaked

Update: We have brought the Nike Brazil 1998 remake kit to life, as worn by young striker Vitor Roque.

Update: Nike will be also re-releasing the Nike Brazil 1998 track-suit along with the remake kit, it has been revealed by our friends @sneakermarketro. We expect both the kit and tracksuit to be launched in April 2024.

Update: Andreas Pereira has posted a picture of him wearing the Nike Brazil 1998 World Cup remake kit. Nike will launch the Brazil 1998-2024 remake kit with Ronaldo 9 print, plus a player-free version, in March or April 2024.

Update: Confirming our guess, Nike will soon release a remake of the Brazil 1998 World Cup kit. Big thanks to @sneakermarketro.

Nike Brazil 1998 World Cup Remake Kit?

The Brazil 2024 World Cup 1998 remake football shirt features an identical design to the original 1998 World Cup kit.

With signature colors, embroidered logos, and other classic details, the Brazil 1998 World Cup remake kit pays homage to the iconic kit Nike produced for the Brazil 1998 national team.

The Brazil 1998 World Cup remake jersey also pays tribute to Ronaldo de Lima, one of the greatest players of all time, whose power, speed, and skill took the footballing world by storm in the same year.

Brazil 1998 Remake Kit - Player-Free Version

The Brazil 1998 kit was worn in the 1998 World Cup by legends such as Ronaldo de Lima, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, and many more. While Brazil lost in the final against hosts France in the 1998 World Cup, they should claim the World Cup title four years later.

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Nike Brazil 1998-2024 Remake Tracksuit

The Nike Brazil 1998 World Cup remake tracksuit is the same as the original release. The stitched elements have a better quality than for the original product.

The Nike Brazil 1998-2024 remake kit will be launched in April 2024 for around 110 Euro.

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