Real Madrid Wears Last Season's Away Kit

In a surprising turn of events, Real Madrid found themselves donning their previous season's away kit during a Saturday's league match against Valencia. The decision arose from the unfortunate clash between their current kits and Valencia's home attire.

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Real Madrid Wears Purple 22-23 Away Kit Due to Shirt/Shorts/Socks Color Clash - Old Adidas Logo

Real Madrid had to resort to their alternative purple uniform from the 2022-23 season. Real Madrid has practically only two colors in the 23-24 season - white and dark (dark navy away and black third).

Interestingly, Valencia did not opt for an all-white combo, which would have allowed Madrid to wear all-black or all-navy. La Liga regulations apparently grant home teams the freedom to choose their entire outfit, including shirts, shorts, and socks.

If the match had been played in a UEFA or FIFA competition, Valencia probably would have had to wear all-white. In UEFA/FIFA competitions, home teams often wear alternative shorts and socks to provide a good contrast to the opponent, without having the away team wearing a makeshift kit.

What made Madrid's old kit so eye-catching was the old Adidas logo with the text underneath. That way, even non kit experts quickly noted that Madrid wore an old kit. Experts surely also noted the different materials and stripes that only go to the shoulders.

Real Madrid could have also released its new Yamamoto kit early, which is available in three different colors, including a very striking orange. Next season, Madrid will have an orange kit, which will work out perfectly against Valencia.

Are you surprised that Valencia did not wear all-white and Madrid all-navy or all-black? Let us know in the comments below.