City Football Group Effect: Chinese Club Shenzhen Peng City FC Change Name & Logo

Chinese football team Sichuan Jiuniu, owned by the City Football Group (CFG), recently announced a new name (Shenzhen Peng City FC) and logo, as is inevitable with City Football Group teams.

New Shenzhen Peng City FC Logo

Sichuan Jiuniu recently changed its name to Shenzhen Peng City FC. The team also announced the new circular logo (like those of other City Football Group teams).

City Football Group has already changed the logos for Mumbai City, Girona, Montevideo, Melbourne, Lommel SK, and Manchester City itself.

City Football Group likes roundel logos - Infographic via Planeta Fobal

This Has to Stop

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What do you think of City Football Group changing the logos of the teams they own? Do you like CFG's round logo? Comment below.