No Football Boots? Adidas 2024 Olympics Shoes Collection Revealed

With less than 100 days to go until the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Adidas has unveiled an all-discipline shoe collection for its athletes at the 2024 Olympic Games, but it appears there will be no football boot collection. Big thanks to Complex Sneakers (@complexsneakers).

Adidas Olympics 2024 'Athlete' Shoes Collection

The new Adidas 2024 Olympic 'Athletes' collection includes 49 shoe silos 41 different sports, from basketball to tennis and even new additions to the event like breakdancing.

The 2024 Olympic 'Athlete' collection is predominantly black with bright orange and pink accents on the shoes, symbolizing the 'fire' of the Olympic.

"The flare flashes across each shoe, either onto the upper of each footwear model, or on its sole—meaning when the athlete performs, the fire effect will flicker with every movement," Ben Herath, Adidas' VP of Design for Specialist Sports, said. "Three stripes are just visible against a black and white color scheme, helping reduce visual distractions caused by the shoe during competition."

It's worth noting that there are no football boots in this collection. Footy Headlines expects Adidas to release a football boot collection for the 2024 Olympics.

Do you think Adidas will release a football boot collection for the 2024 Olympics? Comment below.