FC Barcelona Leads Kit & Merchandise Revenue

FC Barcelona has emerged as the frontrunner in the realm of kit and merchandise revenue, according to an official report published by UEFA.

The UEFA Kit & Manchester Revenue analysis combines kit manufacturer sponsorship revenues with total merchandising revenues. It is part of the new European Club Finance and Investment Landscape Report.

The data does not reveal the exact sum each brand pays a club

The data doesn't reveal how many shirts each club sells but is a combination of three merchandise income (kit deal, income from kits & all other merchandise).

Top 20 Football Clubs by Kit & Merchandise Revenue

Barcelona is topping the list of the 20 clubs with the highest revenue from shirt sales in 2023, ahead of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

Barcelona earns €179 million from the Nike contract, sale of Nike shirts, and other merchandise. Real Madrid and Bayern Munich follow in second and third place, with Real set to earn €155 million and Bayern €147 million.

No Puma team is in the Top 10 - City is the best-ranked Puma team, ranked 11th

The best-placed Premier League club is Liverpool, which will generate €132 million. Manchester United will generate €130 million thanks to its contract with Adidas. The top ten is completed by Paris Saint-Germain, Arsenal, Chelsea, Juventus and Tottenham. Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund, and AC Milan, which are sponsored by Puma, generated €73 million, €54 million, and €51 million, respectively.

Merchandising revenues have increased significantly and are now 60% higher than the pre-pandemic levels of 2019. This indicates the growing popularity of European football clubs, as well as the increased commercialization of activities. In contrast, revenues from kit manufacturing remained stable in 2023, but were still 9% higher than the pre-pandemic revenue level of 2019.

Top 20 Clubs By Kit Deal + Merchandise Revenue

  1. Barcelona (Nike) - €179m
  2. Real Madrid (Adidas) - €155m
  3. Bayern Munich (Adidas) - €147m
  4. Liverpool (Nike) - €132m
  5. Manchester United (Adidas) - €130m
  6. Paris Saint-Germain (Nike) - €97m
  7. Arsenal (Adidas) - €89m
  8. Chelsea (Nike) - €87m
  9. Juventus (Adidas) - €74m
  10. Tottenham (Nike) - €74m
  11. Manchester City (Puma) - €73m
  12. Borussia Dortmund (Puma) - €54m
  13. AC Milan (Puma) - €47m
  14. Ajax (Adidas) - €41m
  15. Galatasaray (Nike) - €35m
  16. Leeds United (Adidas) - €35m
  17. Celtic (Adidas) - €34m
  18. Fenerbahce (Puma) - €31m
  19. Eintracht Frankfurt (Nike) - €26m
  20. Inter Milan (Nike) - €26m

Top 20 Clubs by Total Revenue

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