Massive Kit Clash Between Bayern and Köln

In an unprofessional move by the German Bundesliga, Bayern Munich and FC Köln faced a massive kit clash during today's match.

Video game players would return directly to the main menu.

White/Red Bayern Kit Clashes With Red/White Köln Kit

Bayern took to the field in white shirts with red sleeves and red shorts. On the other hand, FC Köln sported a predominantly red kit with white shorts.

The similarity in colors created confusion for fans and, potentially, also for players, making it challenging to distinguish between the two teams during the game.

Köln does not have a kit that has a good contrast with Bayern's 23-24 home kit. However, Köln's light blue third kit would have offered a better contract. The best solution would have been a one-off kit or to use the navy 22-23 third kit.

Kit clashes have become rare in pro football - this one was particularly striking.

Back in 2019, we witnessed a similar kit clash between Bayern and Leipzig in the DFB-Pokal final.

Imperfect Kit Clash For Bayern II This Weekend

Oddly, Bayern's second team also faced an imperfect kit duel, even though the clash was a minor one. Bayern II played against pink Aubstadt. However, this showcases that Köln's light blue kit might also have caused some problems.

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