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Official: No More "Nazi Symbol" - Germany Changes Kit Number 4

Update: The German Football Association (DFB) has officially announced the new design of the number 4 on its national team jersey following criticism, and it is now also available to buy. The change was announced in collaboration with DFB's partner, 11teamsports, and FIFA approval has already been obtained. The away number 4 was also changed to match the new style.

The previous design of the number 4 was criticized for its resemblance to the Schutzstaffel SS runes from the National Socialist era. Consequently, the sale of jerseys was stopped. Personalization with the number 44 is not possible now still.

The German Football Federation has reacted to the number controversy with Germany's Euro 2024 kit.

The design of the original number 4 (as number 44) has a resemblance to SS runes (Siegrune), a Nazi symbol. The new Germany Euro 2024 home kit with number 4 came to light when Bibiane Schulze Solano came on the field after the break to make her DFB debut.

New Germany Euro 2024 Number 4

The new Germany Euro 2024 number 4 has been completely reworked. It now has the most classic construction of a number 4, similar to these seen in standard fonts.

All other numbers of the Germany Euro 2024 kit have not been changed.

All other numbers remain the same

Adidas does not yet offer personalization with the new Germany number 4. Other player names and numbers were unlocked again after it was impossible to order personalized shirts for a few days.

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