Amazing Puma Unisport 'Great Wave' Pack Released

Inspired by legendary Japanese artist Hokusai's iconic masterpiece 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa', Unisport and Puma have collaborated to create the 'Great Wave' collection, a tribute to the timeless beauty and cultural significance of Japanese art.

Puma x Unisport 'Great Wave' Pack

This photo shows the Puma x Unisport 'Great Wave' boots collection.

The new Puma 'Great Wave' collection features a design inspired by the masterpiece 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa' with the iconic red sun and wave graphics.

Previously, Puma x Unisport released the Ultra Ultimate 1.4 'Sakura', inspired by the Japanese sakura.

Puma Future 7 'Great Wave' - Sugared Almond/Active Red/Ocean Tropic

Check out the new Puma Future 7 football shoes from the 'Great Wave' collection below.

Puma King Ultimate 'Great Wave' - Sugared Almond/Active Red/Ocean Tropic

This image shows the Puma 'Great Wave' King Ultimate football boots.

The Puma x Unisport 2024 'Great Wave' football boots pack are available from April 17, 2024.

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