Newcastle United Presents Haptic Football Kits + Wears Special Sponsor & Removes Back Stripes for Deaf

Update: Newcastle United created a special experience for deaf fans in the Premier League match vs Tottenham.

The club supplied fans with shirts that could "speak". These shirts use tactile technology to help people with hearing problems feel the vibrant atmosphere of the stadium through sensors on the shirt. This special shirt is part of the "Unsilence The Crowd" campaign by Newcastle United, sponsors Sela and charity RNID (Royal National Institute for the Deaf).

Thanks to Vietnamese football kit expert Chuyện Áo Đấu for the collage

The jerseys of the Newcastle players also changed, with sponsor Sela ceding the front shirt position to RNID. In addition, Newcastle United removed the stripes from the back, making it easier to read the player names and numbers.

Newcastle United will be wearing a special charity sponsor for the Spurs game. But not only that. The club has also unveiled a special "haptic" version of its home shirt.

Unsilence the Crowd: Newcastle United to Wear Special RNID Sponsor & Presents "Unsilence the Crowd" Kit System

The Newcastle United kit initiative is part of the "Unsilence the Crow" campaign, which sees shirt sponsor Sela donate the space on the front of the shirts, as well as the pitch-side branding, to the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID).

The players will wear shirts with the RNID logo, deaf fans will wear unique football shirts that turn the sounds in the stadium into a haptic experience. The initiative aims to enable deaf and hard-of-hearing fans to feel part of the stadium atmosphere.

The "Unsilence the Crowd" system captures stadium sounds, converts them to digital data, and wirelessly transmits them to specially equipped shirts. An electronic brain in each shirt activates modules, causing vibrations synchronized with the crowd cheering, offering wearers a tactile sensory experience, immersing them in live match atmospheres.

Newcastle United's partner, Sela, hopes that the whole soccer family will embrace the technology to make live soccer matches an incredible experience for everyone who loves the game.

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