Released & Leaked 24-25 Kits With Classic Sponsor

Update: Recently, several elite clubs unveiled their 24-25 home kits. Continuing the topic of bringing back old sponsors to replace the current ones, @hendocfc, @KITmagazine_ and @mysteryfootball have created mock-ups to bring back a bit of the past.

  • Arsenal x JVC
  • Liverpool x Carlsberg
  • Manchester City x Brother
  • Dortmind x E.ON
  • Fiorentina x Nintendo
  • Fiorentina x 7Up
  • Fiorentina x Sammontana

Update: Liverpool are the first major team to launch a 24-25 shirt. We've brought back old sponsors to replace current sponsor Standard Chartered to bring back a bit of the past for Liverpudlians.

As Liverpool launched the new shirt with the iconic Italian vehicle Vespa, we included the fictional sponsor Vespa on the Liverpool 24-25 home shirt.

In addition, we are bringing back three iconic old sponsors associated with Liverpool: Hitachi, Candy and Carlsberg.

To date, many elite 24-25 team kits have been leaked. We've paired the leaked 24-25 kits with each team's iconic sponsor to bring back memories of the past.

Leaked 24-25 Kits With Classic Sponsor

We have removed the current front-of-shirt sponsor and brought back the classic iconic sponsors of each team.

  • PSG x Thomson
  • Arsenal x Sega
  • Bayern Munich x Opel
  • Newcastle United x Newcastle Brown Ale
  • Barcelona x Unicef
  • Real Madrid x Siemens Mobile
  • AC Milan x Mediolanum
  • Dortmund x Die Continentale

Of these, the Barcelona 24-25 home x Unicef shirt mock-up probably brings back the most classic memories, as the Barcelona 24-25 home shirt also features a similar half-and-half design to their 08-09 home shirt. At first glance, the Barcelona 24-25 Home x Unicef home kit looks like an updated version of their 08-09 home shirt.

Do you like the combination of the 24-25 jersey and the classic sponsor? Comment below.