Adidas 24-25 Darkspark Black Pack Leaked

Following the launch of the Advancement collection in early June for Euro/Copa America 2024, Adidas will continue to launch the Darkspark collection (Black Pack) at the end of June.

Adidas 24-25 Darkspark Collection

This photo shows the Adidas 24-25 'Darkspark' boots collection.

The new Adidas 24-25 Darkspark collection features black as the main color, combined with metallic gold and silver details.

Adidas F50 2024 'Darkspark' - Black / Iron Metallic / Gold Metallic

Check out the new Adidas F50 football shoes in black/gold below.

The new 'Black/Gold' Adidas F50 'Darkspark' cleats have a black main color combined with gold accents. The Adidas logo has a metallic silver effect.

The soleplate has a new structure with embossed gold veins.

Adidas Predator 2024 'Darkspark Black' - Black/Iron Metallic/Gold Metallic

Check out the new Adidas Predator 24 football boots in black / carbon / gold metallic below.

The Adidas 'Darkspark Black' Predator 24 football boots are pretty similar to the first black pack edition of the Predator 2024, but they add a golden touch.

The 24-25 Adidas Predator Black Pack boots come with a Gold Metallic Adidas logo on the tongue and the outstep. The Predator logo on the strap could be gold as well.

Adidas Copa Pure 2 'Darkspark' - Black / Carbon / Gold Metallic

This image shows the takedown version of the Adidas Copa Pure II boots in 'Black / Carbon / Gold Metallic'.

The new Adidas Copa Pure II 'Darkspark' boots are predominantly black, combined with three stripes in carbon color with gold trim.

The Nike 2024-25 Peak Ready Football Boot Pack will be available on June 24, 2024.

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