Four High-end Versions of Adidas F50 2024 Boots Released

Update: With the launch of the 'Advancement' collection, Adidas has also introduced four new high-end versions of the F50 2024 boots, confirms our previous leak

With the launch of the F50 2024 speed boot, the successor to the X Crazyfast, Adidas will also introduce 4 new high-end versions of the F50 (one more version than the X Crazyfast).

F50 2024 Boots - Four High-end Versions

The new Adidas F50 high-end version boot naming system is divided into 2 tiers with 4 versions:

  • Best Version: Elite +
  • Lower Version: Elite Mid - Elite LL- Elite (same tier, just different design)

Adidas F50 Elite +

The Adidas F50 + is the highest-end version of the F50 with better technology than the lower versions. It has the same laceless design as the Elite LL version but with better technology.

Adidas F50 Elite Mid

The new Adidas F50 Elite Mid is an all-new version of the F50 boot with a mid-cut collar similar to the Nike Mercurial Superfly.

Adidas F50 Elite LL

Adidas F50 Elite Laces

In addition to the high-end, the F50's mid-end and low-end naming system is likely to remain unchanged.

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