All-New Dortmund 24-25 Kit Font Released

Dortmund has launched a totally new font for the 2024-2025 kits. The new Dortmund typeface will probably be used in all competitions, both domestically and internationally.

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Dortmund 2024-2025 Cup Kit Font

Dortmund 24-25 Home Kit

Compared to last season's classic effort, the new Dortmund 2024-25 font has a much more modern look. It resembles the club's new branding, which was revealed last fall.

The Dortmund 2024-25 kit font has an angular style with an angle of 34° - the same as the famous stand of the yellowwall of BVB's stadium.

What is bad for us is that the Dortmund text on the upper part does not match the new typeface below.

BVB 24-25 Goalkeeper Kits x New Font

The BVB 24-25 kit font costs you 15 euros in the official club store.

Do you like the look of the new Dortmund font for 24-25? Comment below.