England Fans Wearing Fake Kits Will NOT Be Fined £4,000 at Euro 2024

Today, a sensational story spread across social media and various websites like Birmingham Live, The Sun, and SPORTbible, claiming that England fans caught wearing fake shirts could be fined £4,000 at Euro 2024. The story also alleged that random checks at major transport points and big events are common in Germany.

100% Fake News: No Fans (Also English 😉) Will Be Fined for Wearing Fake Shirts at Euro 2024

Below is the information by the German public broadcasting ARD - nothing will happen if you bring a fake shirt with you to Germany.

However, this information is completely false. In reality, German law does not impose fines for purchasing counterfeit products for private use. The customs allowance for holiday souvenirs is €430 per person for air and sea travel, and €300 for entry by train or car.

Sports Analyst Alex Hemming From a Betting Site - Did They Invent Him?

Moreover, there are no random checks at big events, making the claim even more absurd.

This whole story appeared to have been used to promote the website Free Bets Ireland and was supposedly provided by "Sports Analyst Alex Hemming." However, Alex Hemming seems like an invented character who just came into the game this month - we could not find anything about him despite this, and one other "sensational" story. More to come?

It's important to verify such claims through reliable sources before believing and sharing them. The misinformation around this topic serves as a reminder of the need for critical evaluation of sensational news.

Should there be a fin for buying or wearing fakes? Let us know in the comments below.