Nike 2024 "Icon" Concept Kits: Will Football Kits Return to More Classic Designs?

Juventus, Arsenal, Celtic and Porto are 4 "iconic" Nike teams that have worked with Nike for a long time before changing kit suppliers. @hendocfc imagined and brought back to Swoosh on this 4 team shirt.

Nike 2024 "Icon" Concept Kits

This picture shows a fictional look of the new Nike Juventus, Arsenal, Celtic and Porto 2024 home jersey by @hendocfc.

The fictitious Nike Juventus, Arsenal, Porto and Celtic 2024 home kits are based on the New Nike 24-25 template kit, with a design that somewhat recalls a little classic.

Modern life is so fast-paced that people are always looking for a reminder of the past. That is why classic designs are always popular with fans.

Will football kits return to more classic designs?

Would you prefer the football shirt to return to a more classic design? Comment below.