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Dortmund 24-25 Away Kit Spotted

BVB fans @AddiBVB1909 and @AroooBVB have shared the Dortmund 24-25 away uniform, which will be launched in July 2024.

Dortmund 24-25 Away Kit

This is the Borussia Dortmund 2024-25 away jersey, made by Puma.

The Puma Borussia Dortmund 2024-25 away football shirt has the club's usual black and yellow colors. Two things make the Puma BVB 2024-25 away jersey unique - a stripe on the front and a subtle design.

The Puma BVB 2024-2025 away shirt comes with a thick yellow chest stripe that includes the 1&1 sponsor logo.

The black front features a very subtle pattern with the club's slogan, "Borussia verbindet". The slogan is there in German, English ("United by Borussia"), Braille ("⠃⠕⠗⠥⠎⠎⠊⠁ ⠧⠑⠗⠃⠊⠝⠙⠑⠞"), and at least one other variation.

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The Puma Dortmund 24-25 away shirt is not available to buy from July 2024.

Made by Puma. Do you like BVB's away kit? Comment below, and have a look at the 24-25 Kit Overview for all 2024-25 football kit info.