Sunday League Vibes: Cristiano Ronaldo Switches to Bruno Fernandes' Nike Vapor 15 Boots

In yesterday's win over Turkey, Ronaldo switched to the Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 'Mad Brilliance' in the second half. If you look closely, this is Bruno's Vapor 15 boots, not Ronaldo's.

Ronaldo Wears Bruno's Nike Vapor 15 boots

Ronaldo wore the Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Dream Speed 8 boots in the first half. He then switched to the Vapor 15 'Mad Brilliance' boots for the second half.

If you look closely, Ronaldo's Vapor 15 boots have the ID 'Matilde' (Matilde Fernandes) printed on them - which is the name of Bruno's daughter. This means that Ronaldo was not prepared by Nike for the Vapor 15 boots, but used Bruno's Vapor 15 boots.

The fact that Ronaldo is wearing the Vapor 15 instead of the Superfly 9 adds to the rumors that Nike and Ronaldo are really "Unhappy".

Over the past year, Ronaldo has done some very surprising things, such as Not wearing Nike MDS 007 shoes, cutting off collar of Superfly 9 shoes.

Not only that, Nike also removed the CR7 label from the outside of the upper of the Dream Speed 8 boots (final product).

What do you think of Ronaldo switching to Nike Vapor 15 boots? Do you think Ronaldo is unhappy with Nike? Comment below.