UD Almería 14-15 Kits Released

UD Almería 2014-15 Home, Away and Third Kits unveiled - UD Almería today revealed the new Almería 2014-2015 Jersey, which are made by Nike. While the Almería 14-15 Home Jersey is carried over from last season, the new Almería 2014-15 Away and Third Shirts are based on Nike 14-15 Teamwear templates. The UD Alméria 2014-15 Shirts are sponsored by Urcisol.

Almería 14-15 Home Kit

This is the Almería 2014-15 Home Shirt, carried over from the 2013-14 season.

The Almería 13-15 Home Shirt has a simple look to it and features the club's traditional red and white stripes design on the front. The back of the new Almería 2014-15 Home Jersey is white, as are the sleeves which come with red cuffs. The Almería 14-15 Home Kit has a simple red crewneck collar.

Almería 2014-15 Away Shirt

This is the new Almería 14-15 Away Kit by Nike.

The new Almería 14-15 Away Kit is based on Nike's new Victory II Jersey template in the blue and white variant. Mostly blue, the new Almería 2014-15 Away Shirt has white sleeves as well as a white chevron and stripe on the upper front. The back is solid blue.

The new Alméria 2014-15 Away Kit is completed with white shorts and blue socks.

Alméria 14-15 Third Kit

This is the UD Almería 2014-2015 Third Jersey.

The Almería 2014-15 Third Shirt is pink with black like last year's Away Shirt. While the center block of the Almería 2014-2015 Third Kit is pink, the sleeves and sides of it come in black color.

The shorts and socks of the new UD Almería 2014-15 Third Kit are both black with white Nike swooshes.