Nike Croatia Concept Kits by Andrea Gramaccia

This is unique. Italian graphic designer Andrea Gramaccia has fully redesigned the kits for the Croatia national football team replacing the traditional square design with a modern pixels concept.

Andrea Gramaccia is an Interior, Industrial and Graphic designer based in Ancora (Italy) with a great passion for football kits. As an avid follower of Footy Headlines, he sent in his Croatia Concept Jerseys. So let's take a look at his work.

Nike Croatia Concept Home and Away Jerseys

Here are Andrea Gramaccia's Nike Croatia Concept Home and Away Kits.

Nike Croatia Home Kit Concept

Nike Croatia Away Kit Concept

Here are his ideas behind the re-design:

"The kit that I realized for the Croatian national team are built on a concept very current: no more simple square, that have always characterized the jersey of Croatia but pixels. This makes sure that pixels can create shades and this is very evident in the kit away but it's also included in the home kit where around the central empty square for the numbers, there are dark red pixels going slowly clearing in the rest of the mesh. The most striking difference in the home kit remains that the square are positioned diagonally as the country's borders."

Bold concept replacing the classic square design. What do you think of the Croatia Concept Home and Away Kits? Let us know in the comments below.